About Halftone


Halftone Magazine is a student-run online publication at Rowan University. It aims to produce thought-provoking content about popular culture that both advances public discourse and inspires new conversations. We intend to do this through the collaborative effort of students across various disciplines in order to provide a multimedia experience for our readers. We strive for work that pushes boundaries; work that provides a voice to the unheard or ignored. We will be writing about television and film, music, books, and anything else that has a significant influence on popular culture. This platform will be for the next generation of writers, thinkers, and opinion-havers in a pop-culture-centric society. We hope to build a community as we find our readers in students and lovers of pop culture. In addition to being a fascinating source for readers, Halftone will also serve as a platform for students to use their voices. We believe that it is vital for young people to have a space where their opinions can not only be heard, but validated and built upon. Halftone aims to inspire learning among readers and writers alike. Halftone will fill a void as the only publication at Rowan University that focuses on celebrating, criticizing, and analyzing popular culture and how it impacts our society. 

If you have any questions or want to get involved, email us at editor@halftonemag.com!