Begin Your Christmas Season with The Santa Clauses

The festive season is officially underway! As the temperatures drop, the holiday spirit continues to grow. With Christmas just a week away, it’s time to find some holiday entertainment for the whole family to enjoy while snuggling under a warm blanket.

Many will find themselves rewatching Christmas classics that we have all come to adore. But this year, I want to recommend a show that is both new and familiar to many: The Santa Clauses

This six-episode Disney+ mini-series is a Christmas comedy based on the popular franchise The Santa Clause, which spanned three movies from 1994-2006. In the original film, Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, accidentally causes the death of Santa Claus, resulting in him being magically transported to the North Pole. Scott is then informed that in accordance with the Santa Clause, he must fill the role of Santa before next Christmas. Eventually, after some trials and tribulations, he embraces his duty to become Santa Claus, saving Christmas for everyone around the world. 

Growing up, I’ve always had a connection to these films; during the holidays my family would have them on in the background and I always loved to watch them. I remember seeing these movies at a very young age and being fascinated by the magic of the North Pole and how real the environments were. The storylines and characters were very memorable and creative to me. 

Nearly two decades after the release of the third film, Tim Allen reprises his role as Saint Nicholaus in the fourth installment of the beloved series. He does not disappoint either, stepping right back into the big red suit as if he never left. Elizabeth Mitchell also returns to the series as Mrs. Claus, alongside Eric Lloyd who portrays Scott’s son Charlie. 

The Santa Clauses conflict presents itself shortly into the new series. Santa’s workload is becoming too much for him to keep up with at his age. Retirement is on the horizon, and it is showing in his declining ability to deliver presents to children across the world. 

We see Santa slowing down, making careless mistakes, and having malfunctions with his magic. Those around him are beginning to doubt not only his capabilities but also his passion for Christmas. This causes Santa to make a decision for himself and his family’s future which could change Christmas forever. 

The comedic value is prominent in each scene as the cast provides many laughs along the way. The naughty or nice list meeting, which caused Santa to throw a fit, and the unexpected Santa workout montage were two of my favorite moments. Santa’s nonchalant attitude towards Christmas adds some hilarious moments which is a new development for him due to his old age. 

Tim Allen showcases why he is the perfect actor to depict Santa Claus, demonstrating his jolly and energetic spirit in each scene. Of course, there were a few scenes that were almost cringy enough for me to skip–such as the childish elve scenes where several jokes miss entirely–but that is to be expected with several punchlines aimed at younger audiences. Nevertheless, the beginning exhibits a positive future for the rest of the series as it creates a fresh new recipe for Christmas and humor.  

The Santa Clauses provided a pleasant surprise that certainly captured the nostalgia of the old films; the first two episodes were the perfect comeback for the franchise, as they utilized the fundamentals from the first three films to plant the seed for a new series that is fun, captivating, and innovative. The series has taken on the difficult challenge of recreating something from the past that individuals have praised. Sure, it relies on the cliches of its predecessors, but it should provide an entertaining conclusion to the series for an abundance of families during this coming holiday season. I know over Christmas break, I’ll be watching the rest of The Santa Clauses on Disney+ while accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate for each episode.