You Might Like… #3

Hey you, do you like family drama? And backstabbing within that drama? And even more backstabbing within the backstabbing in that family drama? Of course you do everyone does. The theme for this weeks You Might Like is centered around the power grabs, pompous personalities, pretty people doing terrible things. We all love it, so let’s dive in.

If You Like…

Game of Thrones

Ahh Game of Thrones. I think it would be hard to have been around in the past 10 years without hearing of this behemoth of a show. Game of thrones is a medieval fantasy show set in the fictional land of Westeros. When the king dies, there is a power vacuum, and everyone int he land is trying to get their asses on that throne and be proclaimed the king…or queen. Now if you told someone that it’s just a simple fantasy show set in medieval times, it’s kind of like telling them that you’re going to do bumper cars and bringing them to a demolition derby. On the surface the idea is there but in reality its a lot more intense and gruesome. Game of Thrones has a wide cast of main characters and you follow each of their stories almost equally. Now you may have heard that the last season of the show sucked, and maybe it did maybe it didn’t, that’s up for you to decide. But you cannot deny that this show still has some of the best TV in history.

Then You Might Like…


If the power struggle in Game of Thrones comes from the King dying with the seven kingdoms being up for grabs, then it’s Logan Roy retiring from his multi-million dollar company that creates the power struggle in Succession. Same idea, different execution. While Game of Thrones takes place over an entire made up continent and involves many different families, Succession takes place in New York City, with just one maniacal family. You get the idea. Succession follows the Roy family, headed by Logan Roy, who owns the media conglomerate Waystar. When Logan Roy has a health crisis, the scramble for control over the company between his 4 kids ensues. And so does the drama. This show has incredibly fast and witty dialogue. Although no matter how crass the dialogue, you can’t help to kind of like the characters in it, because after all we’re all human. Thats what these shows really boil down to, you see the best and worst of humanity and the capacities at which we’re able to operate in high stakes situations.

So that’s it, this You Might Like.. is filled with family relations, backstabbing and power grabs. I really do think if you liked the dramatic aspect of Game of Thrones, then you will most definitely enjoy Succession. If you’re still feeling that hoodwink sized hole that Game of Thrones left, check out succession, it just might do the trick. Succession is streaming on HBO max right now, and as a matter of fact, they just kicked off their third season! So go catch up, its worth it.